No-Code Automation Workflows

Build Your Own Security and Compliance

Automate and fine-tune your entire GRC process

Utilize No-Code Workflow Automation to orchestrate GRC processes with precision. Customize evidence gathering to suit your organization, breaking free from rigid approaches. Empower yourself to build and customize control testing, validation, and monitoring, boosting confidence in navigating modern IT landscapes.

Precision Engineering: Unleashing Security Potential

Cypago’s No-Code Automation Workflows redefine cybersecurity, empowering you to meticulously orchestrate through an accessible, flexible, and intuitive no-code interface. This innovative approach empowers you to autonomously automate security controls including data collection, validation, gap analysis, and monitoring. It’s tailored to match your GRC, security and operations teams’ distinctive security and compliance policies with precision.



Tailored Cyber GRC with Seamless Integration

Utilize our platform to seamlessly create tailored security programs and controls. Our Workflows integrate with Cypago Cyber GRC Automation (CGA), enabling dynamic customization of processes and policies according to your organization’s needs. Easily spread carefully designed plans to different systems, making them work better and ensuring that rules and regulations are followed exactly for full control.


Collect, Filter, and Analyze All of Your Data

Define systems and environments as sources in scope for security monitoring, correlating data between selected sources and environments to produce in-context security and compliance insights.



Focused Insights: Filter Evidence for Relevance

Navigate through the information sea efficiently with our filtering capabilities. Extract meaningful insights by focusing on the data that truly matters, saving time and resources. Enhance your ability to detect and respond to critical threats and compliance breaches.



Tailoring Security Measures: Build Control Analysis Logic

Craft a finely-tuned security approach with the ability to build control analysis logic and algorithms. Customize context-aware rules aligned with your unique security and compliance needs. Achieve precision in risk identification and ensure strict adherence to security programs, standards, frameworks and regulations with tailored logic.


Continuous Control Monitoring Made Easy

Effortlessly define monitoring logic with Cypago’s No-Code Automated Workflows. Use your pre-defined logic to adapt quickly to changing requirements, and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Enhance control, improve decision-making, and ensure security and compliance with our user-friendly, adaptable solution.


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