ISO 27018

Centralized ISO 27018 management and control for consistent compliance

A single platform to secure all your personal data in the cloud

Securing personal data in the cloud is a must-have requirement for operating your business and building trust with your customers. With Cypago, you are no longer point-in-time ISO 27018 compliant. Cypago provides a complete suite of automated risk assessment, monitoring, and management services on a single platform. Now, you can enjoy near real-time visibility into your ISO 27018 compliance status and risks and take action when needed to secure your organization’s personal data in the cloud.

Privacy Documentation and Policy Templates

Seamlessly build your organization’s processes to protect personal data in the cloud. Cypago provides you with templates for policies or other documents needed for ISO 27018 compliance, saving time traditionally spent on writing ISO 27018 policies. With Cypago, you can easily share, track, and review policies with your teammates, eliminating “broken telephone syndrome.”


Automated Risk Assessment

Gain visibility into your IT/security risks to easily take action and eliminate them before they ever transpire. Understanding that risk assessment is a vital part of ISO standard compliance,
Cypago’s Risk Management provides you with a full risk identification and assessment solution.


Ascertain ISMS and SOA Management

Leverage Cypago’s platform to build and maintain your ISO 27018 ISMS and SOA frameworks.
Cypago provides you with templates and management features to build, review, sign off and communicate your ISMS and SOA. Cypago’s Automatic Scoping (TM) automatically builds your SOA, and Cypago’s Risk Management helps you understand whether controls are applicable for your business, so you can ditch the guesswork and start justifying your SOA decisions.


Manage Assets, Mitigate Manpower

Get near real-time visibility into your automatically collected asset directory – laptops, cloud servers, devices, and more. Use Cypago as your organization’s Asset Governance tool, reducing your need for human resources while showing just how serious you are about asset governance policies and activities.


Out-of-the-box Mapping

Cypago’s collect-once-comply-many principle and Automatic Scoping (TM) allow you to automatically know precisely which measures to take to be ISO 27018 compliant. Enjoy Cypago’s out-of-the-box mapping of ISO 27018 controls to and from other frameworks, as well as the platform’s security and privacy control library, for an out-of-the-box mapping framework that enables organizations to kick off and remain compliant – fast.


Automatic Evidence Collection

Get your hands on everything you need to build your ISO 27018 Evidence Directory. Cypago’s Automatic Evidence Collection feature enables you to seamlessly collect, organize, and share the data and documents you want, when you want, with internal or external auditors – only.


ISMS Security Monitoring

Using Cypago’s Contextual Gap-Analysis (TM) and Monitoring Engines, you can stay on top of critical ISO 27018 security requirements. Cypago’s smart integrations with your environment and tool stack allow you to monitor, analyze, and track those key ISMS security components that empower your ISO 27018 compliance for continuous compliance assurance.