ISO 27701

Keep Personal Data Private with Effortless ISO 27701 Compliance

ISO 27701 and the Importance of Privacy

In today’s digital age, it’s common for companies to collect, store, and share personal data. This data is often used to serve different needs of an organization, such as marketing, customer service, and HR management. While the intention is not always nefarious, this data is still vulnerable to misuse or unauthorized access, and its mishandling could cause significant damage to individuals and organizations alike. ISO 27701 was designed to help companies protect individuals’ privacy by establishing controls and processes for managing personal data through the implementation of a privacy information management system (PIMS).

The Audit Scope to Match Your Needs

Understanding and interpreting the requirements of ISO 27701 can be a challenge for organizations that are not necessarily familiar with the standard or have limited experience with data protection and privacy management. Cypago’s audit automation engine generates the exact scope to match your company’s needs. The scope can also be adjusted and allows for fine-tuning and customization so that you can ensure compliance.


ISO 27701 Compliance Monitoring

To ensure ongoing ISO 27701 compliance, companies must constantly review and update their data protection and privacy management practices. To that end, Cypago has fully automated the process with an ongoing compliance-monitoring dashboard that includes an in-depth analysis of existing gaps and controls the implementation lifecycle and overall compliance posture.


Defining and Enforcing Data Policies

Developing and implementing appropriate policies and procedures is essential for ISO 27701 compliance. With Cypago’s privacy controls marketplace, all mandatory policies and procedures are available for use. In addition, with the User Access Review module, our users enjoy a streamlined access review process and easy data access policy enforcement.


Ensuring Third-party Compliance

ISO 27701 requires companies to ensure that any third parties they work with, such as suppliers or service providers, also comply with the standard. Cypago’s Risk Management module carefully vets and monitors third-party ISO 27701 compliance by collecting, tracking, and reporting on their overall risk status.


Costs reduction

Becoming ISO 27701 compliant can be very costly. From employee training and education to assessing the current data privacy posture to actual development and implementation of policies and procedures – not to mention keeping track of and conducting ongoing reviews and updates as required. The Cypago Compliance Platform significantly reduces these costs by automating the various audit stages and providing a completely streamlined and optimized compliance experience.


ISO 27701 Compliance Made Easy

ISO 27701 is a valuable tool for building trust and confidence among stakeholders and meeting legal and regulatory requirements related to privacy and data protection. By demonstrating compliance with the standard and taking the necessary steps to protect personal data, companies are not only complying with the laws and regulations; they are proving to their people and the public that their needs and personal data are being taken seriously.
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