ISO 27017

Complete ISO 27017 orchestration for fail-proof compliance and maximum trust

All your ISO 27017 needs in one comprehensive platform

In an ever-digitalizing environment, trust is everything. Built upon its ISO 27001 ancestor, the ISO 27017 extends, interprets, and focuses on cloud environments, demonstrating your organization’s cloud security to all users and customers. Now, you can use the Cypago platform to centralize automated risk assessment, monitoring, and management services on a single platform, secure your organization’s personal data in the cloud, and build compliance-based trust with your customers like never before.

Privacy Documentation and Policy Templates

Cypago empowers organizations to successfully build the policies or documents needed for ISO 27017 compliance with time-saving templates. Write up, share, track, and review your ISO 27017 policies on information security, privacy, risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery, third-party management, incident response, and other trust-building topics as seamlessly and affordably as possible with Cypago.


Automated Risk Assessment

Kick-start your ISO 27017 journey by ensuring enhanced visibility into your organization’s IT/security risks. Cypago’s Risk Management (TM) provides you with a full risk identification and assessment, so you can master this key element of ISO standard compliance, easily manage your cloud risks, and take measures to prevent them before they occur.


Smarter ISMS and SOA Management

Leverage Cypago’s platform for building and maintaining your ISO 27017 ISMS (Information Security Management System) and SOA (Statement of Applicability), and start benefiting from clearly defined frameworks for your security policies and processes and as your audit scope of controls. Thanks to Cypago’s templates and automated management features, you can build, review, sign off and communicate your ISMS and SOA, easily support your compliance decisions, and explain why controls are not applicable for your business at any point in time.


Automated Asset Management

The time to build your customer’s trust in your organization is now! Show them how seriously you take your asset management policies and activities with Cypago as your asset governance tool. Cypago automatically collects data on your laptops, cloud servers, devices, and more, providing you with effortless, near real-time visibility every time.


Out-of-the-box Mapping

Harness the power of Cypago’s out-of-the-box mapping of ISO 27017 controls to and from other frameworks, as well as full access to Cypago’s security and privacy control library, so you can kick off fast while remaining ISO 27017 compliant. Thanks to Cypago’s collect-once-comply-many principle and Automatic Scoping (TM), you always know which actions to take to remain ISO 27017 compliant right in the nick of time.


Automatic Evidence Collection

Cypago’s Automatic Evidence Collection provides the tools and information you need to build your ISO 27017 Evidence Directory. Establish and maintain trust with customers and internal and external auditors when and how you want by only sharing the precise data and documents you need at any point in time.


ISMS Security Monitoring

With Cypago, you are no longer point-in-time ISO 27017 compliant. Cypago’s platform provides your organization with near real-time visibility into your ISO 27017 compliance status and risks. You can track your progress over time, identify trends throughout your ISO 27017 compliance journey, and take action when needed. Cypago’s Contextual Gap-Analysis (TM) and Monitoring Engines leverage smart integrations with your environment and tool stack to automatically monitor and analyze the full suite of ISO 27017 standard requirements, so you can focus on other business activities while enjoying peace of mind.