User Access Reviews

Instant insights on your employee and user base for frictionless, more seamless compliance

Transform chaos into compliance, with Cypago’s UAR engine

A single platform for all your UAR needs

Keeping track of your organization’s users and their permissions no longer has to be a complex, manual task. With Cypago, the UAR process, repeated periodically throughout the year, can be centralized on a single platform that unifies the information collected from multiple applications, tools, identity providers, SSOs, permission schemes, and users, and analyzes the complex relationships between them, regardless of attack surface increases.



Automated UAR for clear, actionable insights

Gain a clear understanding of your organization’s users and their access needs/requirements, with Cypago UAR. Cypago automatically discovers users and their permissions, including their login activity, user status, employment status, job title, and more – and analyzes them to provide you with the bottom-line insights you need to optimize compliance.



User Access Reviews in hours, instead of weeks

Stop wasting time pouring over employee and user data via manual or other outdated methods. Cypago smartly collects, correlates, analyzes, and learns your employee and user base, including job titles, company structure, groups, roles, and permissions. Cypago’s UAR Engine (TM) then provides instant insights about your personnel, applications, users, and permissions, saving hundreds of hours, while drastically reducing the risk of human error.



Flexibility that never compromises on compliance

Beyond providing visibility and insights, Cypago continuously monitors your users and their permissions to identify employee-user-permission anomalies. Cypago enables you to run and manage a flexible and distributed UAR campaign involving multiple reviewers, delegate and assign reviews to reviewers by tool or company structure supporting different complex review workflows, and export a detailed report that can credibly be used as evidence, should anything below board be detected.



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