Seamlessly Meet NIST CSF 2.0

Empower Your Cyber GRC Strategy with Cypago's NIST CSF 2.0 Framework

Unlock the full potential of Cypago's Cyber GRC Automation platform, seamlessly supporting your NIST CSF 2.0 Implementation and monitoring processes. Benefit from continuous control monitoring, real-time insights, automated risk assessments, and streamlined workflows to fortify your cybersecurity posture and ensure regulatory compliance with confidence and efficiency.

Achieve Comprehensive Cyber Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Experience the power of Cypago as it seamlessly integrates with your on-premises, SaaS, and cloud infrastructure, pulling all relevant data from wherever your data resides. This ensures you have a comprehensive view of your security and compliance posture, empowering you to make informed decisions and effectively mitigate risks across all aspects of your IT environment.


Streamlined Risk Management with Continuous Control Monitoring

Gain near real-time visibility into your security posture and compliance status while benefiting from automated risk assessments, customizable reporting, and streamlined workflows. With Cypago, you can proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and threats, ensuring regulatory compliance and bolstering cybersecurity resilience. Seamlessly integrating with CCM principles, Cypago empowers your organization to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence and efficiency.


Empowering Leadership and Driving Strategic Initiatives

Cypago puts the power in your hands, allowing you to assign specific team members to tackle risks, meet compliance requirements, and conduct user access reviews. This capability directly aligns with Govern’s principles, empowering you to lead cybersecurity initiatives proactively, foster accountability and resilience, and ensure alignment with broader organizational goals.


Customization: Match Your Security Architecture to Your Risk Strategy

Unlock the power of customization with Cypago’s platform, allowing you to align your security architecture seamlessly with your risk strategy. With out-of-the-box configuration templates and customizable no-code workflows, you can enforce security policies across all data environments. By managing security architectures according to your organization’s risk strategy, Cypago ensures the protection of asset confidentiality, integrity, and availability, bolstering your resilience against cyber threats.


Empower Your Decision-Making with Cypago

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging Cypago’s robust oversight and governance capabilities derived from organization-wide cybersecurity risk management activities and performance metrics. With our platform, you’ll make informed decisions backed by comprehensive insights, enabling you to continuously improve and adjust your risk management strategy. By choosing Cypago, you’ll proactively address vulnerabilities, refine risk management approaches, and fortify your organization’s cybersecurity posture, ensuring resilience in the face of evolving threats and regulatory requirements.