One platform to manage and control all your SOC 2 compliance needs

Manage your SOC 2 compliance process effectively

One of the key objectives of any software company is to achieve compliance with the SOC 2 security standard. Being a true business enabler, demonstrating compliance with the SOC 2 standard is crucial for the go-to-market plan. With Cypago, any organization can solve the unique management, monitoring, and maintenance challenges in today’s audit processes.

Compliance Process Orchestration

Gain a bird’s eye view of your complete compliance process automation. Cypago allows you to manage all audit phases in one platform: from scoping to compliance monitoring and remediation. Cypago orchestrates all the moving pieces involved in the audit process for you. It collects evidence across data silos, uniquely correlates the evidence to the relevant security controls, and automatically analyzes it, providing complete audit coverage and eliminating all audit friction.


Enjoy Customized SOC 2 Requirements

Not sure what requirement you need to achieve your SOC 2 compliance?
No worries, in a few simple steps, Cypago guides you through the scoping phase, considering your organization’s operational and IT environments. It then automatically generates a specifically customized audit scope and gap analysis recommendations.

Furthermore, Cypago detects your precise compliance status, so you know what’s wrong and get the clear visibility you need to remediate any outstanding issues. With Cypago, there’s no need to take screenshots or manually collect evidence from endless sources. All the heavy lifting involved in evidence collection and analysis is done for you by the platform.


Seamless Integration with your IT ecosystem

With a click of a button, you can easily integrate the SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS tools you already use to collect all necessary evidence automatically. Data is collected over secure channels and handled and stored based on the highest security best practices.


Reduces Audit Costs and time

Accepted by top-tier Auditing firms, Cypago automates the entire compliance process, helps you save on your compliance costs, and eliminates the time-consuming friction involved in an audit process.


Continuous compliance assurance

Cypago continuously monitors your SOC 2 compliance status and always watches your back, no matter how fast your organization grows. With Cypago, you get the assurance that the dynamic nature of your organization will never invalidate your compliance obligations.