by Arik Solomon, October 15, 2021

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In today’s demanding security, privacy and compliance requirements, an overwhelming effort is needed so that your organization is able to demonstrate compliance with one or more security standards. Which alone is a key business enabler, and in many cases a bottleneck for growth.

“We need all our user permissions data from all relevant platforms to be reviewed on time for our upcoming audit…” Says every company looking to expand their business and prove that they are security compliant. Or all too often requests come from the Business, Legal or Finance departments with multiple other requirements that involve additional stakeholders, piles of data and documents, with tedious repetitive tasks. Essentially the endless paper trail chase and definition of “company friction”.

So you have used Excel sheets and sticky notes to handle it, and maybe even played around with a semi-automated tool, but to no avail – the heavy lifting is still yours to do.

Intelligent Compliance – The right way to go

From my many years of experience, I can wholeheartedly say that cutting-edge technology combined with a field-proven approach is your best bet. But it is not enough – Your need to serve your business needs best while investing as little effort as possible in the compliance process must be the cornerstone of any tool you search for.

When reviewing security compliance solutions look for a holistic solution with important features and capabilities that:

  • Supports multiple security standards, including custom audits and controls
  • Collects only the relevant pieces of evidence across data silos and keep your data safe and secure
  • Does intelligent gap analysis based on machine learning and data correlation
  • Provides you with not only visibility but also enables automatic gap remediation

Find that one solution that allows you to effectively focus on other critical tasks rather than waste time on compliance friction.

This is exactly where Cypago’s intelligent compliance solution comes into play to completely turn the tables for you.

It’s Time for Intelligent Compliance.

Say goodbye to security audit friction.

Learn more about the Cypago platform and leverage the power of our innovative technology to achieve compliance with any security standard in your fast-growing environment.

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