Ensure compliance and prevent risky business

Automated cyber monitoring & management
for long-term security compliance and business growth

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Are you looking for one platform to manage all your cyber risk and help comply with frameworks, standards, and regulations?

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    Automated audit scoping, gap analysis and remediation

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    Powerful and super-easy user access review

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    Security related risk metrics and mitigation

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    Total visibility of your digital assets and vendors

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    Actionable compliance insights


Cypago automates security gap analysis for SaaS tools and cloud environments. It also allows custom risk definitions or selection from our extensive risk catalog.


Cypago simplifies risk management. It assigns risk scores, prioritizes high and critical risks, and helps you allocate resources effectively.


After identifying and understanding your organization’s risks, use Cypago to manage them effectively. Assign a risk owner, choose mitigation actions, and set deadlines to keep your risk management on track.


Cypago ensures ongoing risk management by continuously monitoring and reassessing risks in your dynamic business environment. It offers visibility into current risks and tracks progress in your risk treatment program.


Prove Compliance

Empowering Auditors and Customers with Firm Proof of Effective Risk Management

The Cypago platform empowers teams to quickly and securely export data to authorized people only

so that you can provide your auditors and customers with firm proof of your effective risk management.


Connect your tools and automate your compliance process

Easy complaince automation for effective IT and compliance managers.
Cypago connects with your tools automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.