by Tova Dvorin, June 26, 2024

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Managing Cyber Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) across various business units is a significant challenge for medium to large enterprises. With each unit having distinct risks, requirements, and compliance needs, a comprehensive tool that simplifies oversight is essential. Enter our Entity Overview Dashboard – designed to bring clarity and control to complex organizational structures.

What is the Entity Overview Dashboard?

Our Entity Overview Dashboard is a revolutionary, enterprise-ready tool designed to address the complexities of managing multiple business units. This intuitive interface allows you to input each independent business unit, enabling you to manage them separately while viewing all units in one place. The dashboard provides comprehensive statistics on top risks, findings, and requirements, both in aggregate and broken down by individual entities.

Key Features for Managing Multiple Business Units

Comprehensive Risk Management

View your organization’s Cyber GRC health on a single pane of glass by inputting each business unit into our platform. The dashboard offers aggregated statistics and detailed breakdowns for each unit, allowing you to manage them separately while maintaining a holistic perspective. This dual view ensures no detail is overlooked, providing the insights needed to make informed decisions and prioritize actions effectively.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Empower your leadership with actionable insights. Our Entity Overview Dashboard facilitates strategic decision-making by providing real-time data on your organization’s Cyber GRC status. With both aggregate statistics and detailed views for each entity, executives can identify overarching trends and drill down into specific areas of concern. This feature ensures that remediation efforts are precisely targeted, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your risk management strategy.

Streamlined Compliance

Ensure consistent compliance across all business units. Our platform allows you to monitor and enforce compliance standards seamlessly throughout your organization. By accessing detailed compliance metrics for each unit, compliance teams can swiftly identify gaps and implement necessary corrective actions. This integrated approach guarantees that all business units adhere to regulatory requirements, mitigating the risk of penalties and fortifying organizational integrity.

Efficient Remediation

Delegate and manage remediation tasks with precision. Our dashboard simplifies the delegation of tasks by providing clear insights into the unique needs of each business unit. Risk managers can assign and monitor tasks with ease, ensuring resources are allocated where they are most needed. This targeted approach optimizes your risk mitigation efforts, swiftly addressing vulnerabilities and bolstering organizational resilience.

Tailored for Medium to Large Enterprises

The Entity Overview Dashboard is designed to meet the unique needs of medium to large enterprises. By allowing you to input and manage each business unit separately while also seeing the entire Cyber GRC picture, it enables a more proactive and resilient approach to risk management.

Experience the Benefits

Discover how our Entity Overview Dashboard can transform the way you manage multiple business units. By balancing a holistic view with granular details, this feature provides the clarity and control needed to navigate the complexities of modern business operations.

Ready to revolutionize your risk management strategy? Contact us today to learn more about the Entity Overview Dashboard or to schedule a personalized demo. Together, we can ensure your enterprise is not just compliant but resilient and proactive in managing cybersecurity and compliance risks.