by Arik Solomon, July 31, 2022

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Here is a brief summary of what you can expect from our new product updates:

At Cypago, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience and security compliance management capabilities. To that end, our research and development teams have been hard at work on updating our products so that they help make compliance processes that much smoother and more successful.

Here is a brief summary:

Evidence management

This will enable you to easily view,
identify, export, and handle
compliant/non-compliant artifacts.

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Compliance dashboard

We’ve launched an updated, extremely powerful dashboard that provide you with actionable insights on your current compliance posture, in one convenient location.

User access reviews

This is a groundbreaking innovative
tool that was purpose-built to enable
you to review, assess, and approve
users, permissions, and application

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Vendor management

This feature creates a single location,
from which you can effectively and
efficiently manage, assess, and
document your vendors and their
associated risks.

Audit scope editor

Use this feature to add or remove
controls from existing scope, annotate
ignored ones, assign ownership, and

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New batch of supported

Cypago can now successfully
integrate with the following digital
solutions: Gitlab CI, AWS CloudTrail,
AWS CloudWatch, Microsoft Azure,
Okta, MongoDB, Terraform, JFrog,
Elastic Cloud, JumpCloud, Slack.
Many more to come very soon.

Auditor interaction

With this new feature, you’ll benefit
from streamlined management for the
control implementation lifecycle,
including snapshots and submissions
for audits.

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cypago screen shot 8

Risk register

Manage, assess, and document your
risks in one place, with this efficient

Assets directory

Use this directory to gain full visibility
of all of your security &
compliance-related assets, which will
be continuously collected from all
connected integrations and stored in a
single repository, for easy access.

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cypago screen shot 10

Task management

Create and delegate tasks for team
members and colleagues to mitigate
outstanding gaps or deliver new
required evidence with greater ease
than ever before.

If you have any questions or comments about any of the above product updates, please feel free to contact us.