by Yahav Peri, September 07, 2023

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In today’s complex enterprise environment, data is siloed and distributed between many different environments – including cloud and on-premise. Moreover, mature companies typically have hundreds of SaaS applications. Cypago consolidates and guarantees full coverage of your entire business IT environment – so you have the full picture across cloud, SaaS and on-premise. Allow me to introduce Cypago’s panoramic visibility feature: the cornerstone of a unified, tailored Cyber GRC Automation (CGA) solution provisioning full coverage of the entire enterprise/company IT environment, integrating with both cloud and on-premise systems.

Screenshot of Cypago on-premise support feature

A Distinctive Approach to Multi-cloud and Hybrid Environments

Cypago excels in the realm of cyber GRC, bringing a wealth of expertise to the table. We serve enterprise customers who operate within major cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure, use a wide variety of SaaS applications, or have on-premise infrastructures and tools. Our strength lies in seamless integration. We collaborate with a diverse array of environments, tools, and systems. Whether you’ve chosen a hybrid environment or fully embraced cloud solutions, Cypago is there to support you. Our integrations extend across all tools and environments, empowering you to achieve comprehensive cyber GRC throughout your operations. By leveraging Cypago, you not only enhance your cybersecurity posture but also maximize the return on investment for your chosen tools.

Importantly, our support extends cloud-native environments, encapsulating Cloud, SaaS, and on-premise integrations, as well as various systems. It is paramount to emphasize that our expertise lies in collecting, analyzing, and correlating data from a wide spectrum of sources, rather than focusing solely on the cloud. This encompasses two crucial dimensions of “cloud support”:

  1. Cloud Providers: AWS, GCP, and Azure are integral parts of our comprehensive support network.
  2. SaaS Tools : We embrace an extensive array of SaaS tools, encompassing development tools such as Github, Terraform, and Jenkins, along with essential platforms like ticketing systems (e.g., Jira), HRIS, XDR/EPP (e.g., CrowdStrike), vulnerability scanning platforms, IdP solutions like Okta, and numerous other SaaS tools.

Notably, our dedication to on-premise support remains resolute, ensuring that your organization’s on-site systems, data, and configuration are seamlessly integrated into our holistic approach. This comprehensive approach ensures that your enterprise can harness the synergies of various technological dimensions, enabling elevated capabilities and insights across the board.

Setting a New Benchmark

What sets Cypago apart is our steadfast commitment to offering a hybrid and multi-cloud solution, addressing the unique needs of businesses that embrace the best features of both cloud and on-premise paradigms. As such, Connectors allows customers to seamlessly integrate their cloud and on-premise systems into the Cypago platform in order to centrally visualize and enforce policies and controls and achieve a 360-degree view of security and compliance. Unlike vendors that cannot support the complex use cases presented by enterprise companies, and/or offer limited visibility and enforcement, Cypago emerges as the steadfast collaborator in achieving equilibrium between these two paradigms. As a result, Cypago provides a panoramic understanding of our customer’s entire Cyber GRC posture, across their hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments.

The Pitfalls of Partial Visibility: The Crucial Role of Comprehensive Security and Compliance

In today’s complex digital landscape, the importance of security and compliance cannot be overstated. As businesses navigate an interconnected web of systems and data sources, the need for holistic visibility has never been more evident. However, relying on partial visibility without comprehensive coverage can not only hinder operational efficiency but also pose significant risks to security and compliance.

Partial visibility, unfortunately, often leads to a cascade of issues. The absence of a complete and unified picture results in manual interventions, leaving security teams grappling with fragmented data and incomplete insights. This, in turn, gives rise to false positives and negatives, which undermines the effectiveness of continuous control monitoring and testing across the business. Furthermore, a mere partial view falls short of fulfilling compliance requirements. For true compliance, a comprehensive overview is imperative, as regulatory standards and other voluntary frameworks demand a holistic understanding and monitoring of an organization’s data landscape.

Cypago emerges as a beacon of innovation in this landscape, intelligently bridging the gaps left by partial visibility. The platform’s prowess lies in its ability to intelligently analyze and correlate data across diverse systems — from multiple clouds to on-premise to SaaS applications – utilizing proprietary engines designed for analysis and correlation. By seamlessly combining, cross-checking, and cross-validating data, Cypago breaks down data silos that inhibit comprehensive insights. This approach not only empowers organizations with a unified view but also generates unique insights that would otherwise remain hidden amidst fragmented data.

Take User Access Review (UAR) as an example. To effectively implement this control, inspection is required across both HR records (which can be stored on an on-premise HRIS, for instance) and system users and logs (which can be stored anywhere). Similarly, other controls may necessitate scrutiny of both ticketing systems (that can be managed in an SaaS application, for instance) and code pull requests, that can be stored and managed on-premises. Cypago’s methodical approach ensures that no stone is left unturned, enabling true continuous monitoring for security and compliance. In a landscape where fragmented data can lead to substantial vulnerabilities, Cypago emerges as the solution that reshapes visibility from a piecemeal perspective to a holistic vantage point.

An All-Inclusive Hybrid IT Solution with On-Premise Support

In embracing the ever-evolving IT landscape, we not only comprehend but also address distinct and intricate requirements. Organizations often require the agility of cloud solutions while upholding stringent control over sensitive data within on-premise environments. Cypago’s unwavering commitment extends to these enterprises through our provision of adaptable on-premise solutions. This dedication guarantees that the multifaceted advantages of our hybrid IT solution are accessible across all tiers of business operations.

Diverging from traditional vendors who provide off-the-shelf solutions designed only for partial readiness, for addressing specific compliance frameworks, or for basic use cases, Cypago distinguishes itself by delivering a comprehensive Cyber GRC solution meticulously tailored to the unique needs of organizations, regardless of size or complexity. Our groundbreaking Cypago Connectors empower organizations to seamlessly integrate their cloud and on-premise systems, while maintaining an optimal level of control and security aligned with their discerning requirements.


Seamlessly integrate your cloud and on-premise systems while maintaining optimal control and security, ensuring a panoramic understanding of your entire environment. Our innovative connectors facilitate fluid communication and data aggregation, all within a comprehensively tailored CGA solution.

Bridging the Divide Between Cloud, SaaS and On-Premise

It’s important to understand that without Cypago, achieving seamless interconnection among on-premise tools is not possible. In addition, correlating data between clouds, SaaS, and on-premises was a missing capability that was nowhere to be found in any other platform. Until now. This is where Cypago Connectors shine. Our connectors offer seamless integrations with on-premise tools like Jira Server, GitLab Enterprise, Splunk, ELK, Jenkins, SQL server, and MongoDB, ensuring the cohesion and operational efficiency of your hybrid infrastructure.

Flexible Deployment Possibilities

We understand that every organization has its own distinct qualities and needs. To cater to this, we provide a variety of adaptable deployment choices for our connectors. Whether you decide to incorporate them with Kubernetes or select a simple Docker container, our aim is to harmonize effortlessly with your favored infrastructure. This guarantees a smooth and effective setup process, all while maintaining a lightweight, agent-free, sensor-free approach without any complications.

Strengthening Your Security

Security stands as a bedrock principle of our approach. Cypago Connectors have been meticulously designed to align with the most stringent security best practices. Our connector software operates solely through outbound communication, eliminating the necessity for opening any inbound firewall rules and ensuring your network remains secure from potential threats. Moreover, it does not disrupt your organization’s pre-existing security policies. Outbound communication exclusively traverses your firewalls, overseen by your security teams. This distinctive approach guarantees the impregnability of your data against external threats while enabling controlled interaction with the external world.

Embrace the Future with Cypago

Cypago’s comprehensive platform offers unparalleled visibility and enforcement into an organization’s security and compliance posture across hybrid environments, multi-cloud environments, and on-premises. By actively monitoring security and compliance controls, such as access control, confidentiality, SDLC and business continuity controls, Cypago automatically and continuously identifies security and compliance gaps and empowers Operations teams to swiftly address gaps through alerts, notifications and integrated task and ticket management. This functionality also enables the provision of control status to auditors, serving as evidence of adherence to voluntary standards and industry regulations. The platform’s ability to establish connections throughout the infrastructure and tool landscape enhances its efficacy, facilitating a thorough assessment of control implementation. This evaluation identifies potential security and compliance shortfalls, ensuring that desired controls are not only established but effectively maintained.

Cypago’s hybrid IT coverage alleviates a major concern for CISOs: the fear of undiscovered vulnerabilities that could lead to breaches or audit failures. With Cypago, these apprehensions can be put to rest as organizations proactively safeguard their digital landscapes. We invite you to join us in embracing the forefront of CGA for all IT environments with Cypago; schedule a demo today.